GNU C Compiler

The expression GCC refers to the name GNU C Compiler, software used to compile the C, C ++, Objective C and Fortan languages; this powerful tool can be found incorporated into GNU /Linux systems. It offers a fast and clean execution in the generation of binary executable programs for an endless of uses and application.

It was created as an initiative of Ridchard Stallman, currently this development project is maintained by the FSF - Free Software Foundation.

… A compiler alone is not enough — to use a computer system, you must have a complete operating system. In 1983, all…

Hard links and symlinks in file system

Hard links

Hard links is a reference to a certain file; said reference to access the file, any change made to the file does not alter the functionality of the link, each link is generated with a name other than the original file; as well as a file can have several links in different locations. One aspect to consider is if the link is removed, it may cause the file to be deleted as well; for this reason, it is extremely important to previously verify the actions to be executed within the file systems.

Symbolic links

Symbolic links represent the reference or access of…

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